Aelbrechtskade, Nieuwe Westen, Rotterdam

ProgramProperty redevelopment

LocationRotterdam, The Netherlands



This 1896 building is located on one of Rotterdam´s widest and prettiest canal views: the Delftshavense Schie. Its ideal roof orientation makes it the perfect candidate for renewable energy generation. We implemented an envelope with very high thermal quality and a floor heating system for optimal living comfort. Heating is supplied through a heat pump with integrated solar thermal collectors. Domestic Hot Water is supplied through an electric boiler with integrated photovoltaic panels. The surface of the combined energy production is a whole 40 m2! We estimate that we will be able to cover more than half the energy demand for heating, Domestic Hot Water, ventilation and personal power use with locally available renewably generated energy! We cover the rest by purchasing electricity from other renewable sources, such as wind power.