LocationDelft, The Netherlands & Paris, France


TypeSolar Decathlon Europe competition entry

This is a project for a modular approach to the energetic upgrade of the current building stock in the Netherlands. The focus is on integrating innovative technological solutions for energy efficiency in the country´s typical existing row-house typology. This is done by fitting the existing house with a new envelope, called the ‘Skin’, which insulates the interior, controls its climate, produces the necessary energy and provides extra living space. A prototype was built by the TU Delft team and won several awards at the European Solar Decathlon competition in 2014. The Prêt-à-Loger house -which is fully functional- was reconstructed after the competition on TU Delft campus and is accessible for visitors. This concept is expected to have a broader impact not only in the Dutch housing market, but also in the wider North European context.