Statenweg, Blijdorp, Rotterdam

ProgramApartment renovation

LocationRotterdam, The Netherlands



This apartment is located in a 1950 building in the neighbourhood Blijdorp right next to the popular Vroesenpark. The concept for this project was to create an almost outdoor-feeling living experience. For this, we implemented a full open space flooded with light from windows on three sides. Being on the fourth and highest floor of the building, the 45 m2 open living area tinges pink and orange in the early and late hours of the day, and has a mind-blowing view on the sunset clouds.

We created the space by removing almost all partition walls and replacing the load-bearing wall with a large steel beam. We also exposed the original bricks, wooden ceilings and wooden floors. We created three different heights with a mezzanine and the removal of the lower set of beams. We left all hydraulic pipes exposed, as if they were life-giving roots. This deepens the feeling of a natural, organic space. Fair-face concrete walls and steel profiles sharpen the contrast with in-built wooden closets and venetian blinds. Details such as blue doors, vintage bathroom tiles, and a single, large, fluffy carpet enliven the space with colourful accents.